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 The precision dustless blasting system, can be operated by one person to remove coatings such as paints, artex, bitumen, limpet residue, lead paint and lagging from surfaces including brick, steel, concrete, timber and fibre glass.

The system uses a combination of water vapour; compressed air and an abrasive material such as glass, grit or garnet to shot-blast approximately 160 meters above ground level and 200 meters horizontally from the machine, making it an ideal solution for both multi-storey buildings and for small works such as boiler-house projects.

  • A highly efficient coating removal system – one person can remove up to 12m² per hour
  • Cost effective – fewer operatives required compared to traditional removal methods
  • All equipment remains at ground level during operation for re-filling and maintaining – removes the need for heavy-lifting
  • Varying machine capacities are available to suit jobs of all sizes
  • Easy to use and very flexible – even in difficult to reach locations

Thermac’s airline breathing apparatus has been designed to provide a continuous and reliable source of high purity air to the EN12021 standard for either 2, 4 or 8 operatives working in hazardous environments for extended periods.

Available in a range of sizes and capacities depending on the number of users. Unique to the 4 and 8-operatives compressor options is a detachable control panel that can be removed from the trailer and positioned remotely to just outside the work zone, and provide a means of entry control for the users.

  • 2-person system available with a zero-emission electric motor that can also be located within a building
  • 4 and 8 operatives versions can be towed to and from site
  • All versions incorporate numerous safety features including warning alarms and an emergency secondary air supply which automatically operates in the unlikely event of the main supply failing
  • All systems are compatible with the Scott Ras mask and airline harness
  • Designed to be used in conjunction with the precision dustless blasting system

This unique all-in-one solution removes the need to have multiple pieces of equipment delivered to site, saving on time, delivery costs and the space required on-site. The trailer is supplied ready-to-use, with all of the individual specialist components being pre-connected

This new unit is available for Hire now - ideal for small to medium sized Asbestos removal projects.