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Thermac Low Pressure Sprayer (M Series) (Hire)

The Thermac Low Pressure Sprayer has been designed to conform to the British Standard for equipment used in the controlled wetting of asbestos containing materials: BS 8520.1.2009.


The Low Pressure Sprayer unit will supress the release of airborne asbestos fibres by delivering a fine mist of surfactant mixed with water at a maximum pressure of 3 bar. The ratio of water to surfactant is typically 10%, this can be delivered through either 1 or 2 spray guns.


The unit comes with two spray guns each with a hose length of 15 metres, there is also a nozzle kit which has 6 different spray nozzles for each gun that give different spray patterns.


The unit is fitted with 100mm swivel castors for ease of movement. The 100 litre main tank, which includes a gauge marker inside, facilitates ease of mixing surfactant to the correct concentrations.


A switchable recirculation feature allows the tank contents to be recirculated through the pump and back into the tank when first filled, ensuring a homogenous mix of water and surfactant prior to spraying.



Key features

•       Manufactured from ABS plastic

•       Tank capacity 100 litre

•       Gauge marker inside tank

•       Provision for two spray guns

•       Switchable recirculation feature

•       Drain valve on tank

•       Unique magnetic tank lid

•       Low fluid level visual and audible warning




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