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Blast and Breathe Combined Trailer

Thermac has developed the UK’s first unit that combines both precision dustless shot blasting equipment and a breathing air compressor into a single road-towable, enclosed trailer.

This unique all-in-one solution is ideal for small to medium-sized asbestos removal projects. It removes the need to have multiple pieces of equipment delivered to site: saving on time, delivery costs and the space required on-site.

The trailer is supplied ready-to-use, removing the need to connect all of the individual specialist components prior to use.

This unit provides a continuous and reliable source of clean, breathable air to the EN12021 standard for up to four operatives and incorporates a detachable air control panel which can be located up to 50m away from the trailer, to allow it to be conveniently positioned just outside of the work zone.

An emergency air supply cylinder and built-in alarm system is also included. This automatically activates in the unlikely event of the main air supply failing and guarantees that operatives have adequate air to be able to exit the working area safely.

The trailer has been specifically designed around the equipment components with large panels and doors located to ensure that each item can be easily accessed for efficient operation and maintenance. There is also plenty of storage space to carry the required airlines, Ras masks and harnesses for the 4 operatives.

The precision dustless blaster is a 60 litre system with a hose length that can be extended up to 60m. The blasting hose is conveniently stored on a reel adjacent to the blasting unit.

A large bulk head has also been created to separate the air compressor from the blasting section to ensure no abrasive blast media contaminate (such as grit, glass or garnet) enters the air unit.

The trailer also incorporates the following features:

  • A desiccant drier contained within the trailer removes the risk of water moisture getting into air supply

  • An integrated water tank ensures that up to 160 litres of water is available to support the blasting process, even in remote locations

  • An external fuel filler cap making refuelling simple and easy

  • The equipment is supplied with working instructions and easy to follow user guidance

The Blast and Breathe combined Unit can be hired across the UK and full user training (with certification) can be provided either on site or at any Thermac depot.

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