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Falcon 120 Free Standing Dustless Blasting System - 120L Blast Pot

  •  The most versatile machine option
  • Suitable for all but the very largest jobs
  • Requires 250/400cfm compressor
  • Up to 120m hose length
  • Refill requirement: approx. every 2½ hours


Falcon 120 Specification

Vessel Capacity                      120 litres

Unladen Weight                     160kg

Laden Weight                         280kg

Height                                     1210mm

Width                                      600mm

Depth                                      870mm

Blast Hose Size                       1 – 1¼ inch

Blast Hose length                   20 – 200m

Air Supply Range                    70 – 400cfm @100psi

Blasting Pressure                    50-120psi

Air Supply Hose                      ¾ – 2 inch

Water Supply                          Potable water

Water Pressure and Flow       Std tap pressure and flow

Water Consumption               1 – 6 litres per minute

Grit Type                                 Std particle blast media

Grit Consumption                   1kg per minute

Grit Refill                                   Refill 2½ hours


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