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Isolation and Containment Pod


Thermac have used their extensive knowledge, product methodology and expertise in decontamination and hazardous environments to design a bespoke Isolation & Containment Pod (ICP). This innovative solution meets the needs of NHS Trust locations throughout the UK, supporting them with the management of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.

We were asked to design a solution that would allow patients, who present at A&E with symptoms, to be comfortably isolated and contained while they wait to be seen by a medical professional – ensuring the safety of all concerned. Our team reviewed Public Health England guidance and designed the first fully compliant and adaptable ICP unit.

This modular, self-contained unit is constructed from lightweight ABS material and is supplied flat packed for easy transportation and storage. It can be easily assembled within 60 minutes and configured to fit the available space.


Key Features

The ICP unit consists of three key sections – the doctor area, patient area and toilet. The doctor has full protection and control, with the ability to lock the adjoining door to prevent a potentially contaminated patient from entering, close the vision panel while they get changed and secure valuables away – before unlocking the door to examine the patient.

The Negative Pressure Unit and heater ensure both doctor and patient are comfortable, warm and safe under negative pressure throughout.

The unit comes complete with a 150 litre Water Management System, Negative Pressure Unit, lockers, lockable doors (with vacant /engaged indicator), external heater, hoses and filters, and external LED lighting to illuminate each compartment




• Self-contained for water and power with an integral toilet

• Versatile and can be reconfigured to suit limited space constraints

• Easy to clean and decontaminate

• Lightweight, easy to assemble and modular for compact storage

• Can be installed and sited either inside or outside

• Guaranteed for 10 years


 Doctor area


• Vision panel which can be open or closed

• Sink and hand sanitiser

• 2 x benches

• Lockers

• Lockable door (from inside and out)

• Mirror and clothes hooks


Patient area


• Patient entrance with ramp and wider door for wheelchair access

• 2 x benches

• Sink and hand sanitiser

• Toilet – including an easy empty hatch externally (no need to enter the unit)

• Telephone

• Mirror and clothes hooks




• Negative Pressure Unit

• String of LED lights

• 2 x waste water filters

• 2 x lockers

• External heater with magnetic heater inlet connection

• Hand sanitisers

• 150 litre Water Management System




Internal sizes –

·         Patient & Doctor compartment 2m x 2m x 2m.

·         Toilet 1m x 1m x 2m (access via patient pod).


Service and after sales support

Each unit is supplied with free user-training, warranty and all relevant test certification. Thermac offers full technical back-up and a first class servicing package.


Technical Specification



·         Patient & Doctor Compartment : 2m x 2m x 2m

·         Toilet : 1m x 1m x 2m


Water Capacity

·         150L Tank



·         Mains



·         110v Supply



·         500 m3/hr


NPU Pre-Filter

·         12 x 12 x 2



·         110v 32amp external heater



·         2 individual lockers



·         Internal and external lockable doors




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