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Modular Decontamination Unit for Up to 16 Persons (M Series)

 Thermac are leaders in the design, manufacture and servicing of a wide range of decontamination/hygiene units.

Our units are designed, built and maintained by our team of engineers who have a wealth of experience with Modular Decontamination Units. Each unit is fully compliant with HSG 247.

A key focus of our design philosophy is to incorporate features to make their use as maintenance and trouble-free as possible – and therefore cost effective.

This unit is a fully functioning 3-stage decontamination system for use by up to 16 operatives.

It is constructed from lightweight ABS material and is supplied flat-packed for easy transportation to the work area. The unit can be assembled by two operatives in less than 30 minutes – an ideal solution for larger jobs where there are space constraints for mobile units.


Key Features


The unit consists of three key sections, the Clean End, the Shower Area and the Dirty End. It comes complete with 2 x 400 litre Water Management Systems, Negative Pressure Unit (NPU), 16 lockers, lockable doors, external heater, hoses and filters and external LED lighting powered by the NPU to light each compartment. The NPU has a real time digital flow monitor and H14 filtration for 99.995% efficiency. The unit is constructed from lightweight ABS material – making it portable, strong and easy to clean.



Clean End


• Lockable external door

• 16 individual lockers

• Mirrors & clothes hooks

• Doorway connecting to the shower area

• Detachable seats


Shower Area


• Showers supplied with heated clean water from the Water Management System outside

• Waste water drained and filtered by the Water Management System

• Doorway connecting to the Dirty End

• Detachable sinks

• The Water Management System has both autofill and manual fill options



Dirty End


• Negative Pressure Unit with magnetic connection for air filtration

• Clothes hooks

• Detachable seats





The system comes complete with:

• 6 x detachable seats

• 4 x detachable sinks

• 6 x braided hose (fresh water and waste)

• 16 x lockers

• External heater with magnetic heater inlet connection

• 4 x waste water filters

• 2 x 400 litre Water Management Systems

• Negative Pressure Unit

• String of LED lights

• Shower head and hose


External Heater


The NPU pulls heat through the unit warming all 3 compartments. Air is then extracted through the NPU.



Internal sizes – each compartment measures 2m x 2m x 2m. The modular nature of construction allows for more compartments, as required.


Service and after sales support

Each unit is supplied with free user-training, warranty and all relevant test certification.

All units are available to hire or buy and Thermac offers full technical back-up and a first class servicing package.



Technical Specification


·         6m x 2m x 2m


Water Capacity

·         2 x 400 litre


Water Management Power


·         4 x 16amp 230V


NPU Power

·         110v 16amp supply



·         Up to 16 people



·         500 m3/hr


NPU Filter

·         12 x 12 x 2


External Heater

·         110v 32amp supply



·         16 individual lockers



·         Lockable doors




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