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Phantom Vision Powered Respirator/Mask Kit (Scott)

Phantom Vision Powered Respirator Full Kit - Complete with Storage Box

Available in sizes Small/Medium and Medium/Large



 Phantom Vision is a power assisted respirator with a high performance brushless motor and fan unit

inside a full facemask. An external connection on the mask provides power to the motor via spring
contacts and a cable to a rechargeable lithium-ion battery mounted on a waist belt. A single approved
particle filter is fitted directly to the facepiece.


The battery is enclosed in round case with ergonomically designed grip areas. The battery is attached to
the power belt and rotated from ‘standby’ to ‘power on’ position to start the motor, drawing air through
the filter and providing filtered air to the wearer. Starting with a fully charged battery, Phantom Vision
provides 160 litres per minute for a minimum of eight hours.

Air Management

The air management system directs air onto the inside of the visor to prevent misting. Air enters the
breathing zone through the inhale valves of the inner half mask. Exhaled air is restricted to inside the half
mask and exhausts to atmosphere through the exhale valve.

Decontamination & Cleaning

In its fully assembled configuration all external parts are resistant to water and dust ingress and the user
can enter a decontamination shower wearing Phantom Vision. For further decontamination and cleaning
all major parts can be easily disassembled and are wipe clean or immersible. Parts which must not be
immersed are colour coded blue.

Parts Disassembly and Assembly

The battery rotates to disconnect from the power belt. The filter and power cable unscrew from the
mask. A spring clip detaches the motor unit and half mask from the facepiece. The half mask is easily
removed from the motor unit. The system is straightforward to re-assemble by reversing the procedure.


Routine replacements are restricted to valves and seals on an annual basis, providing a low through life
cost commitment. The design facilitates straightforward pre-use and regular inspection procedures and
Phantom Vision can be re-certified for perfomance on a regular basis by approved and audited Scott
Service Centres. All major component modules are replaceable when necessary.


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