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With fit2fit accreditations and a wealth of experience and training, Thermac engineers offer the very highest levels of service on all types of respirator. We work closely with Respirator manuractures and our suppliers to ensure that our engineers are fully up to date with any new RPE entering the market place.

Thermac will not compromise on its high standards when servicing respirators and the service includes:

  • Complete strip down and manual clean prior to testing
  • Perishable parts replaced at each service
  • Inward leakage test on mask
  • Motor and battery electrical tests
  • Estimate for repair or replacement parts
  • Service and test certificate issued 


The HSE require that the RPE is regularly inspected and maintained by a competent person.  Thermac's engineers can pass on their experience and training to anyone required to carry out this inspection and general maintenance.  The training is in the form of a practical session indicating the main areas to look out for in general wear and tear on respirators to ensure that they keep to the required level of day to day performance.  Thermac will then issue a certificate, valid for two years, which is a record of attendance at the session.

For more details about this service or to enquire about a specific respirator servicing requirement, please click on the ‘Enquire Now’ button below and one of our team will contact you directly: