Decontamination Unit Servicing

Thermac engineers perform a number of servicing tasks on Decontamination Units.  

Gas and electrical systems are checked for safety; and a full chassis inspection, including stripping down and checking the wheels and brakes will ensure total peace of mind.  

A service will include inspections of all mechanical parts and a check of the interior for damage identification and repair.


The aim of the Service Department is to provide an efficient response to your requirements - we recognise the importance of fast turnaround of all equipment which comes into our workshops for service or repair.

An added benefit of dealing with Thermac is that our computerised recall system will serve as a reminder for our customers that equipment is due to be re-tested in order to remain compliant.

Following every service our records are updated and new certificates are issued.


Thermac offers its clients a professional and assured solution to the service and maintenance of plant and equipment.  The service of the decontamination unit will include:

  • Full service of the unit
  • Boiler service
  • Chassis service
  • Full electrical system inspection and test
  • Interim electrical test
  • Full certification


For more details about this service or to enquire about a specific servicing requirement please contact us directly. 


Decontamination Unit