3M Scott RAS Positive Pressure Airline Kit

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The RAS Asbestos airline breathing apparatus set is a positive pressure set that provides the highest levels of breathing protection.

The tempest demand valve provides a positive pressure inside the facemask which leads to the mask having an assigned protection factor of 2000 meaning the apparatus is ideal for use in areas of high contaminant challenge. 

The facemask is also fitted with a negative pressure filter to allow entry and egress to the working area where the challenge will be lower without the necessity to be connected to an airline.

The new and unique wipe clean webbing provides a bandolier style harness that has a smooth surface which reduces the trapping of asbestos fibres and leads to improved decontamination of the set after use.

The inline particulate filter ensures that any fibres that may be present when the product is connected to the airline are removed from the breathing circuit.

To be used with Thermac’s Blast and Breathe Units, and our Breathing Air Compressors to allow you to work on Hazardous projects with airborne contaminants, particles and fibres.

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