H-Type Vacuums

Thermac's highly experienced equipment development team have designed a range of class leading asbestos-specific hazardous vacuums for use in the most challenging of environments.

We can supply a range of HEPA filtered hazardous vacuums designed to BS 8520.3.2009 that can be used in a wide range of applications where there is a need for the collection of fine and potentially hazardous dusts, these include Lead, Silica, Ceramic Fibres, Wood Dusts and Asbestos.

Our M Series Range of vacuums are widely respected and trusted throughout all industries and have become our most popular type of H-Type or H Class vacuum cleaners. 

The powerful 'M Series” 175 and 285 vacuums are well proven on sites across the country whilst its smaller, portable cousin, the 'MacVac Lite' is so practical and portable that it’s rapidly becoming the 'must-have' piece of kit for Asbestos Surveyors.

Since the release of the MacVac Lite we have now developed the UK’s first fully compliant range of H-Type Battery Powered Vacuums, the Mac-Vac Lite Rechargeable, and the Ergo Vac & Ergo Vac Duo.

We have also developed the UK’s Fully Compliant H-Type Wet Vacuum, the M Series Wet Vacuum.

H Type Vacuums