Low Pressure Spray Units/Foggers

Under BS8520.1.2009 regulations, Airless Sprayers over 3 bar pressure should not be used in a live Asbestos enclosure.

We understood there was a requirement for a Sprayer under 3 bar that could be used for wetting down airborne fibres, and for also washing down inside an enclosure.

We therefore developed our Low Pressure Sprayer to meet this requirement and have since released our next generation of Sprayer, our M Series Low Pressure Sprayer/Fogger.

The Low Pressure Sprayer/Fogger comes with 6 nozzles giving a variety of droplet and mist sizes, from 50 microns down to 5 microns.

It can also be used with our range of disinfectants for Decontamination and Deep Clean Sanitisation against Viruses and Bacteria’s including Corona Virus COVID-19.

It can also be used with Idenden Fibre and Dust Suppressant, and Cap-Sure.

Our Low Pressure Sprayer/Fogger includes the following key features.

  • Calibrated to a maximum pressure of 3 bar, (BSI standard for the controlled wetting of asbestos containing materials)
  • 2 X 15M Hoses with Spray Guns, allowing 2 Operatives to use at once.
  • 100L on-board tank for water and surfactant with a self-mixing recirculation valve.
  • Unique magnetic tank lid
  • Low fluid level visual and audible warning
  • The unit is built from ABS plastic making it lightweight, robust and easy to clean.


Low Pressure Sprayer