Spray Cannons for Dust and Odour Suppression

We hire Spray/Mist Cannons for use in a variety of applications covering Dust and Odour suppression.

With the control of hazardous dust emissions becoming more highly regulated and the need for damping down and odour control systems growing, Thermac have added the Spraystream range of equipment to our hire range.

The Spraystream range of equipment can produce a mist blanket of micro droplets for dust and odour control, the technology can be used as a control measure in a wide range of applications, including Demolition, Concrete Production Plants, Recycling, Soil Remediation, Steel and Slag Handling Sites, Landfill Sites, Ports, Waste Transfer and Quarrying and Mining.

These cannons emit a fine mist which can be sprayed from 10 up to 100m. The Spraystream technology produces a high velocity, directional mist blanket of micro droplets that can be projected long distances to agglomerate with the airborne particles, causing them to precipitate (also known as air washing).

The system is available in a number of sizes and can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Spray Cannon