Thermac Twin Shower Self-Contained Decontamination Unit

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Thermac's Decontamination Showers

Thermac are leaders in the design, manufacture and servicing of a wide range of decontamination showers. Built and maintained by engineers who are qualified to install and inspect LPG and electrical systems, each unit fully conforms to HSG 247, VOSA and other required legislation. 

A key focus of our design philosophy is to incorporate features to make the decontamination showers as maintenance and trouble-free as possible, and therefore cost effective. The body is constructed of GRP-faced ply-board and polished on both sides to give a robust, easy-to-clean finish. On top of this, all of the floor areas are covered with a hard wearing fibreglass gel coat to maximise durability. 

The corners, doors and frames of the decontamination showers are supported by aluminium angles. Where required, the doors are also self-closing and fitted with airtight strips. The chassis incorporates a single-axle, rated up to 1,500kg and uses a braked spring-damped tow hitch. For added stability, the A -frame is welded to the chassis and the unit incorporates four-corner steadies. 

Key Features


Here are some of the main attributes of our decontamination showers: 

  • Consist of three key sections: the Clean End, the Shower Area and the Dirty End.
  • For ease of use, the LPG generator, gas bottles, waste pump and the waste water filter can be externally accessed via purpose built hatches.
  • Drain taps are fitted at various points around the unit, clearly marked for easy location.
  • The decontamination unit comes with all necessary warning signs and the graphics can also be fully customised to a customer's requirements.

Clean End


The lockable, vented exterior door leads into the Clean End, which houses the 350 litre capacity, onboard water tank. This tank also functions as a bench for added user-comfort. Here are some of the key features: 

  • The 8 key-operated lockers each contain a power socket to facilitate the charging of spare RPE batteries. 
  • The LPG boiler and fresh-water pump are situated in the forward compartment and can be accessed from the Clean End section.
  • For added peace of mind, a carbon monoxide detector is also fitted as standard. 
  • Standard fittings within the Clean End are a mirror, sink, hooks, oil-filled radiator and a documentation holder for all relevant unit certification. 
  • A self-closing, gravity-vented door then leads into the shower area (Note - The fittings in this and other areas within the unit can be customised to specific customer needs).

Dirty End

The Dirty End houses seating benches (one located over the Negative Pressure Unit and the tube-heater), mirror, hooks and a light. Some further features include: 

  • A self-closing door that incorporates an additional external aluminium frame to facilitate easy connection to an enclosure. 
  • A removable Negative Pressure Unit with real time digital flow monitor and H14 filtration for 99.995% efficiency. 


The internal sizes are as follows:

  • Clean End - 1750mm x 1870mm
  • Shower Area - 1750mm x 800mm 
  • Dirty End - 1750mm x 900mm 



Other Units

Other units available in Thermac’s decontamination showers include:

  • A modular option
  • Welfare units
  • Bespoke modular isolation units


Digital Flow Meter - Readings can be taken from the real time digital flow metre from the outside of the unit through the inspection hatch. 


In addition to the accessories already mentioned, our decontamination showers come complete with:  

  • 15m 240v armoured cable and plug-in RCD 
  • 2 x 15m braided hose (Fresh water and waste) 
  • 2 sets of double steps 
  • Propane gas regulators and isolating valves 
  • Grab handles on corners 
  • Corner steady key 
  • 2 x gas bottles and spanner 
  • Earth rod and fly lead 
  • 2 x waste water filters 
  • Negative pressure unit fitted with real time digital flow meter 
  • Carbon monoxide detector 
  • Sanitary provisions and wash sinks

Additional Items to Order

Extras available on Thermac’s decontamination showers include:

  • Hitch lock (enclosed type) 
  • Wheel clamp 
  • Replacement 5 micron water filter 
  • Optional 240v power points 
  • Spare wheel and tyre 
  • First aid kit 
  • High level side marker light

Service and after sales support

At Thermac, our decontamination showers come with an NICEIC electrical certificate. The gas appliances are fitted, tested and certified to conform to all current gas safety regulations. Each hygiene unit is:

  • Supplied with free user-training 
  • Equipped with a warranty
  • Supplied with all relevant test certification 
  • Logged onto Thermac’s computerised auto recall system, which informs the owner when each re-test is required to ensure ongoing compliance and safety. 
  • For added security, Thermac units are also fitted with the DATATAG® security system.