Thermac M Series Injection Machine

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The Thermac Injection Machine has been designed to provide increased levels of control, flexibility and consistency where wet strip injection systems are used for asbestos removal.

The injection machine conforms to the British Standard for the controlled wetting of asbestos containing materials: BS 8520.1.2009. With up to 100 BS standard valves providing a consistent flow of liquid delivering the right volumes across the entire system, no manual adjusting is required.

Optimum effectiveness is achieved through the unique compensating valve system, a pre-set, automatic function that ensures an even flow of liquid: saving time, ensuring accuracy with less waste and guaranteeing compliance.

A programmable logic controller handles an automatic filling sequence when connected to a water supply (can also be manually filled when a water supply is not available). As the water enters the main tank it is blended with the correct amount of surfactant drawn from the surfactant tank, via a built in mixer within the unit.

All needle systems are fully flow tested in our engineering workshop on our unique calibration test rig in line with the test procedure within BS 8520.1 2009 Annex A.

The manifold system allows for the use of two sets of up to 50 needles to be used simultaneously to give extensive cover and help maximise efficiency of the wetting process.

The injection machine is easy to set up, yet robust and durable. It is built from ABS plastic making it lightweight, robust and easy to clean.

 Key features 

  • Flow tested British Standard valves delivering 20ml per minute +/- 10%
  • Built-in 150 litre tank plus 50 litre surfactant tank 
  • A flashing indication lamp will warn of low surfactant and a flashing indicator and intermittent audible alarm will sound if the main tank mixed fluid level is low
  • The built in surfactant tank enables both surfactant and water to be mixed at the recommended ratio of 10.1 into the main tank when connected to a water supply
  • Fitted with 100mm swivel castors for ease of movement
  • Various delivery and rest sequences can be set from the front panel by adjusting the PUMP ON and PUMP REST controls to give total control of the fluid delivery
  • The unit will automatically refill when the fluid reaches mid-level in the tank when connected to a water supply. A built in recirculating sequence ensures that the water/ surfactant is kept homogeneously mixed
  • Unique compensating valve system significantly reduces set up time and removes guess work
  • 50 or 100 needle options
  • PLC controller for full control of injection sequences
  • On board mixing device
  • Low level warning on both tanks
  • Manifold which allows two strings of needles to be configured
  • Drain valves on both tanks 


Additional items available to order

  • Single head or multi head spray attachment
  • Angled needles
  • Surfactant