Concept Smoke Machine 110V Colt Turbo

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Supplied by Thermac, these compact smoke machines have both an Off-Power smoke capability or Continuous output from mains power. 

Both lightweight and easy to use, these handheld machines are still extremely robust. 

They are non-toxic and use water based smoke with the smallest particle size (0.2 - 0.3 micron mmd) in its field.

Renowned for their safety, simplicity and reliability, these machines have the ability to produce a considerable amount of smoke 'off power' using the retained energy within the high mass heat exchanger, allowing the generator to be moved, producing smoke as required without the restraints of a lead.

Used worldwide within many different industries ranging from Asbestos Removal to Laboratories and the Armed Forces, these smoke machines work best in a large scale or extremely dense concentrations of smoke is needed.

This machine excels in this area due to the persistent nature of the smoke produced. Using a 2.2kw heat exchanger that ensures that almost twice the smoke can be output ensuring its status as one of the most powerful handheld smoke generators available on the market.

This machine can be controlled via remote operation, either via a wired remote or a radio remote control.

This smoke machine can be used in conjunction with the one-piece, re-sealable, aluminium canister that contains the smoke chemical and inert propellant gas required to make smoke, also available in re-fillable aerosol cans which if required can be pressurised by an airline, inert gas supply or hand pump.


  • Compact size, robust construction
  • Hand portable
  • Off-power capable
  • Continuous full output (on mains power)
  • Variable output (0 -> maximum)
  • Persistent smoke (Colt 4 / Colt 4 Turbo)
  • Quickly dispersing smoke (Colt 3)
  • Non-toxic, thick, dry, white smoke
  • NATO codified 


  • Precision, machined heat exchanger, guaranteed for life
  • Utilises aerosol canisters for safe, convenient operation
  • Available in 'basic' or 'remote control' models
  • Light and portable 


  • Basic format (with off-power facility)
  • Remote format (both on-board operation, or remote) (Unit cannot be used off-power)
  • Particle size 0.2 - 0.3 micron, mass median diameter - the smallest particle size of any machines we sell.