Building Restoration & Fire and Flood Restoration

  • Our range of consumable products and equipment are a perfect match for your restoration projects. We have a wealth of experience working with Restoration Contractors.
  • Our H Type Wet Vac is the first fully compliant Wet Vac of its kind and is ideal for removing contaminated water.
  • Our Blasting Equipment can be used with a wide range of media and uses include removing Soot from Fire Damage, removal of coatings for re-coating brick, beams, stone work and much more.
  • Our Low Pressure Sprayer/Foggers – These are used to sanitise building interiors of Mould, Odour, Bacteria and Viruses. These come with a range of nozzles which will emit mist of down to 5 microns.
  • We also supply disinfectant products which are Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral and Anti-Fungal, with a kill ratio of 99.99% to 99.9999%, Our Enviro-Safe Sanitiser and Cleaner has passed EN14476 Virucidal rating.
  • We also offer a wide range of consumable and PPE products including Respirators, Polythene Sheeting, Tape, Floor Protection, Coveralls and much more.
  • We also offer Shower Units for Decontamination and Hire of Welfare Cabins and Canteens.
  • When working under Negative Pressure we provide Air Pressure Monitors to so you can monitor and record the pressure at all times, plus CCTV Systems to enable viewing and recording of your work areas.


For prices and information, go to our page on Building, Fire & Flood Restoration products.

Building with fire and flood damage