Cleaning and Janitorial

  • Thermac provide a range of equipment and products for use in Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Applications
  • Our range of Vacuums are regularly used for Cleaning and Property Maintenance, our H Type 175 and 285 vacuums are lightweight and powerful.
  • Our Ergo Vac Duo and Battery Powered Mac-Vac Lite are ideal portable solutions for your cleaning needs as they are Cordless and Battery Powered.
  • We provide Cleaning Products such as Disinfectants, Bleaches, and Anti-Virucidal, Anti-Bacterial, and Anti-Fungal Cleaning and Sanitising Products such as Envirosafe
  • We also supply a range of Consumable and PPE Products, such as Mops, Broom, Brushes and Small Scrubbing Tools, Disposable Coveralls, Gloves and Masks.
  • We can perform Fit2fit accredited face fit testing for any individuals who need to wear a tight fitting face mask and we can supply a large range of Masks of different types.

For prices and information, go to our page on Cleaning and Janitorial products.

Cleaning equipment