• From Decommissioning of Power Plants and Petro-Chemical Sites, to Oil Rigs and Ships, we can offer whatever is required for your Asbestos Removal, Demolition, and Surface Preparation Requirements when Decommissioning.
  • We offer a one stop shop for all of your Decommissioning needs, from Decontamination Units, to Negative Pressure Units, H-Type Vacs and Blasting Equipment, Dust Suppression Cannons, Floor Preparation Equipment and Site Welfare Cabins/Offices, we offer whatever your project needs. 
  • We have a wide and varied hire range with quick delivery available throughout the UK, we offer training with all equipment hires.
  • We offer a range of equipment available for purchasing including NPUs, Vacuums, Decontamination Units, SiteCAM CCTV Kits, Air Pressure Monitors plus much more.
  • We offer the whole range of required materials including Polythene, Tape, Bags, Filters, Cordex Sheets, Recip Blades, Workwear, Blast Media, PPE, RPE, and much more.
  • We also offer servicing, testing and repairs to your equipment, as well as Fit2fit accredited RPE Engineers who can Face fit, Mask Test and Repair.
  • We regularly supply blasting equipment to the Decommissioning and Offshore Industry to remove Rust, Corrosion and soluble salts down to a profile of SA 2 ½ to ensure a perfect base for re-painting and coating. 
  • When working with Hazardous materials on Oil Rigs we often provide our Modular (Panel Shower) Decontamination Units. These can be built in any location in under 30 minutes to allow operatives to shower after working with hazardous materials. 

For prices and information, go to our page on Decommissioning products.


Oil rig being decommissioned