Facilities Management and Construction

  • Thermac have developed a number of H Type vacuums which are portable and able to be worn by the user to minimise manual handling and to remove the need for equipment to be placed on the floor.
  • Our Mac-Vac Lite vacuums are available in both Corded and Battery Powered Versions and can be worn over one shoulder, our Ergo Vac Duo vacuum is designed to be worn as a Back Pack. Drilling enclosure attachments are available for assisting when drilling into Artex and other suspected contaminated materials.
  • We also offer a range of PPE and Consumables for this market including Coveralls, Masks, Hooded Respirators, Overboots, Floor Protection Sheets, Boots and Workwear plus much more
  • We offer a range of training and testing services including Mask Maintenance Training, General RPE training and Fit2fit accredited facefitting.


For prices and information, go to our page on Facilities Management and Construction products.


Person analysing asbestos