Industries Served

Thermac were originally founded in 1993 as a specialist supplier to the Asbestos Removal Industry.

After 27 years of operating in the Hazardous Materials and Environmental industry we have gathered a wealth of experience, allowing us to diversify our offering and become experts in a number of similar industries.

Our Equipment, Products and Services are now tailored to match the requirements of the following industries plus many more.  

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It is highly likely we can help

Asbestos abatement notice

Asbestos – Removal, Surveying and Analytical

Flood and fire damaged house

Building Restoration & Fire and Flood Restoration

Civil engineering on a bridge

Civil Engineering and Utilities

Cleaning equipment

Cleaning and Janitorial

Power station prior to decommissioning


Excavator demolishing building


Engineers in a lift shaft

Facilities Management and Construction

Person decontaminating an area

Industrial/Hazardous Cleaning

Roller on remediated land

Land Remediation

Lead paint blasted from wall

Lead Paint Removal

Inside of extraction unit

Local Exhaust Ventilation & HVAC

Person blasting paint from hull of a ship


Person removing mould from wall

Mould Remediation

Floor being polished using grinder

Surface Preparation

Person welding

Welding and Fume Extraction