Industrial/Hazardous Cleaning

  • Thermac provide a range of equipment for use in Janitorial, Industrial and hazardous Cleaning.
  • Our Low Pressure Sprayer/Foggers – These are used to sanitise building interiors of Mould, Odour, Bacteria and Viruses. These come with a range of nozzles which will emit mist of down to 5 microns. We also supply disinfectant products which are Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral and Anti-Fungal, with a kill ratio of 99.99% to 99.9999%, Our Enviro-Safe Sanitiser and Cleaner has passed EN14476 Virucidal rating.
  • We also offer a number of PPE, RPE, and other associated products for working in this industry including Coveralls, Gloves, a variety of masks, Small Scrubbing tools, cleaning products, Bacteria Testing Kits and much more.
  • We can perform Fit2fit accredited face fit testing for any individuals who need to wear a tight fitting face mask and we can supply a large range of Masks of different types.
  • We supply a range of Decontamination Units in both Modular and Trailer form, plus Site Welfare Cabins and Canteens


For prices and information, go to our page on Industrial/Hazardous Cleaning products.

Person using smoke machine