Industrial Cleaning Products

Thermac provides an extensive range of industrial cleaning supplies and equipment for use in janitorial, industrial and hazardous cleaning applications.

Low-pressure sprayers/foggers are used to sanitise building interiors of mould, odour, bacteria and viruses. These come with a range of nozzles that emit a mist of down to 5 microns. We also supply disinfectant products which are anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal, with a kill ratio of 99.99% to 99.9999%. Our enviro-safe sanitiser and cleaner has passed the EN14476 virucidal rating.

We also offer several RPE and consumables for working in this industry, including coveralls, gloves, masks, cleaning products, and more. We can also perform Fit2fit accredited face fit testing for any individuals who need to wear a tight-fitting face mask and we can supply a large range of masks of different types.

We supply a range of decontamination units in both modular and trailer forms, plus site welfare cabins and canteens. These can be found in the cabins and trailers section of our site.

For information about specifications and pricing, visit our Industrial and Hazardous Cleaning Products page.

Person using smoke machine