Surface Preparation Equipment

Thermac are experts in supplying Surface Preparation Equipment (SPE) for wet blasting to suit a number of applications and can be used to prepare surfaces down to preparation grade of SA 2 ½. Our non-mechanical solutions, CapSure & TriMax, are liquid-based adhesive/paint/Coatings removers that are used when traditional grinding methods can't be used.

We can visit your site to carry out a survey, demonstrate our equipment, train your operatives and hire all the necessary equipment. We offer everything you need for your project and carry it all in stock, even consumables and PPE/RPE.

What’s more, our team is accredited with Fit2Fit face fitting and mask servicing. This ensures that all our RPE equipment is used correctly and effectively and, when working under negative pressure, we can supply air pressure monitors to allow for safety monitoring. 

For prices and information, go to our page on surface preparation products.

Floor grinder polishing floor