Surface Preparation

  • Thermac are experts in supplying equipment for Wet Blasting, our equipment and media offering suits a number of applications and can be used to prepare surfaces down to Preparation Grade SA 2 ½.
  • We can visit your site to carry out a survey, demonstrate our equipment, train your operatives and hire you the equipment. We offer everything you need for your project and carry it all in stock.
  • When working under Negative Pressure we provide Air Pressure Monitors to so you can monitor and record the pressure at all times, plus CCTV Systems to enable viewing and recording of your work areas.
  • Not only do we offer blasting equipment but we also offer Floor preparation equipment. We supply a number of different Grinders, Tile Lifters and Vacuums to suit. We hold all blades, discs and associated products in stock. We offer Site Surveys on all projects plus full user training with certification.
  • We also offer Shower Units for Decontamination and Hire of Welfare Cabins and Canteens.
  • We supply a range of consumables, PPE and RPE products suited to these projects including Workwear, Helmets, Hi-Vis, Gloves, Respirators and much more
  • We also offer Fit2Fit accredited facefitting and mask servicing.


For prices and information, go to our page on Surface Preparation products.