3M Scott Phantom Vision Powered Respirator Kit

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This 3M Scott Phantom Vision Full Kit is a power assisted respirator with a high performance brushless motor and fan unit, situated within the full face mask. An external connection on the mask allows power to enter the motor via rechargeable lithium-ion battery which is situated on the waist belt. A single approved particle filter is fitted directly to the 3M Scott Phantom vision to allow for effective use.


The battery of the 3M Scott Phantom full vision kit is enclosed within a round case with ergonomically friendly grip areas. The battery is located on the power belt and rotated from ‘standby’ to ‘power on’ position in order to start the motor. It draws air through the filter and provides filtered air to the mask wearer. Starting with a fully charged battery, Phantom Vision provides 160 litres per minute for around eight hours.

Air Management:

The air management system on the 3M Scott Phantom vision directs air onto the inside of the visor to prevent hazardous misting. Air enters the breathing zone through the inhale valves of the inner half mask and exhaled air is restricted to inside the half mask where it is then exhausted to the atmosphere through the exhale valve.

Decontamination & Cleaning

In its fully assembled configuration all external parts of the 3M Scott Phantom vision are resistant to water and dust ingress. What’s more, the user can enter a decontamination shower wearing the mask for a deeper clean. For further decontamination and cleaning, we recommend returning your mask to Thermac for full inspection.



In terms of maintenance for the 3M Scott Phantom vision full kit, the design facilitates straightforward pre-use and regular inspection procedures and it can be re-certified for performance on a regular basis by Thermac.  All major component modules are replaceable when necessary. Please note, any repair or maintenance can render your mask unusable and should be carried out by a competent maintenance technician.  The mask will need to be re-tested to check for leaks and fitting after most maintenance operations.