3M Scott Proflow Respirator Kit C/W Vision RFF4000 Mask

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3M Scott Proflow Respirator Kit - Complete with Vision 2 RFF4000 Mask and Storage Box

Available in sizes Small/Medium and Medium/Large

Fully tested and certificated before dispatch.

3M SCOTT Proflow Respirator Kit



Powered Air Respirator providing 160l/min flow rate - designed for Asbestos applications.

Proflow 2 SC 160 Asbestos incorporates a blower unit supplying filtered air to the facepiece through a breathing hose, a NiMH battery encased in a polyurethane casing.

A selection of facemasks (FM1) Half mask/FM2 (Sari)/FM3 (Promask)/ FM4 (Vision) and headtop incorporating helmet (FH6/Procap) are approved for use with Proflow Asbestos.

Proflow powered air respirators are compatible with approved 3M Scott Safety Pro2000 filters. Please refer to specific filter approvals information further in this document.

The blower unit contains a DC motor powered radial fan running between 7,000 & 11,500 rpm, variable according to the filter/face piece combination requirements. A micro-controlled charger is available for the battery pack.

A microprocessor calculates the power required to maintain the set flow rate and automatically adjusts the flow rate. If the flow rate falls below the minimum 160 l/min, an audible warning sounds. An electronic limiter for motor rotation speed protects the motor from excessive wear during long-term use.

The supplied units are calibrated before despatch.



A NiMH rechargeable battery is safely enclosed within the casing. Batteries are 4/3 A size NiMH, 8 cell providing 9.6V/4.5Ah. The service life of the battery is extended by electronic control of recharging. The charging time is approximately 6 hours when fully discharged. Optimum performance of new batteries are obtained after three full charging and discharging cycles. The battery operating time is at least 4.5h, depending on the filter/headtop combination, satisfying the minimum 4h run time of the EN 12941/12942 Standards. The battery includes an internal overcurrent protection and temperature protection.


The microprocessor-controlled charger features an automatic recharging system including signal lights. The signal lamp on the charger indicates charging status. A fully-charged battery can be left connected to the charger without damage. The power pack can be left on standby charge and used whenever needed.

Data Logging and Service

Proflow2 SC 160 Asbestos incorporates a data-logging function which automatically records information about usage and performance of the blower unit. The Proflow 2.1 Service Tool Software is available to approved service centres for tracking the history of each individual power pack.

Blower Unit Display

An automatic monitoring feature checks that the unit is operating correctly, warns the user of low battery and quickly compensates for changes in airflow. A self-diagnostic test on start-up shows the current status of the respirator on the digital display.


3M Scott Vision 2 RFF4000 Mask

FM4 is a full facemask providing the highest levels of respiratory protection. A novel hose connection brings the hose up over the wearer’s shoulder, keeping the work area clear.

The mask has an ultra comfortable silicone face seal and offers a virtually unrestricted field of vision.

Non dermatitic silicone construction minimises risk of skin irritation

Reverted edge face seal ensuring good fit and increased safety

Provides impact protection, allowing use in environments where both respiratory and face protection is required

High efficiency speech diaphragm allows wearer to communicate clearly

FM4 is approved for respiratory protection when used with SPIRIT, Tornado and Proflow powered air systems.