For your convenience we can service your equipment at your site or at one of our depots. We handle every sort of testing you could possibly need including airflow, gas and electrical equipment testing including, of course, a full decontamination service.

We offer a full waste carriers licence for moving contaminated equipment.

Once we've serviced your equipment you can join our Service Recall system which automatically reminds you when future services are due, helping ensure your test dates are never missed and you stay compliant.

We offer

  • Decontamination Services
  • PAT testing
  • Chassis-servicing
  • Airflow testing
  • Mask testing and Servicing
  • NIC/EIC electrical testing
  • DOP testing
  • Gas Boiler testing

For additional details on servicing for specific items, please choose from the list below

Engineer servicing decontamination unit
Blast pot

Blasting Equipment & Breathe Compressors

Decontamination unit

Decontamination Units

Hand grinder

Floor Preparation Equipment

H Type vacuum

H-Type Vacuums

Injection machine

Injection Machines

Low pressure sprayer

Low Pressure Sprayers

Negative pressure unit

Negative Pressure Units/Air Movers

Respirator mask

Respirators and Masks

Smoke machine

Smoke Machines