A95 8-Inch Shot Blaster

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The A95 8-inch Shot Blaster is a first in Thermac’s fleet  of shot blasters. Compact, versatile, and ideal for small to midsize applications, the Shot Blaster is available for hire from Thermac. 

Shot Blaster Functions: 

Height-adjustable handle with built-in operator controls

Thermac’s shot blaster gives you the ability to manoeuvre the handle height for your preference. This allows people of different heights to use the product comfortably, whilst also preventing any injuries. 

Front swivel casters

These will increase manoeuvrability and control for a more uniform and consistent profile. When you hire this Shot Blaster from Thermac, do it hassle free and with ease.

Squeezing the shot valve 

The handle starts the blast wheel while simultaneously opening the shot valve; shot valve closes and blast wheel ceases automatically when the operator is not present. Operating this way minimises the risk of any injuries.

Maximises separation of dust from the abrasive

Often, high levels of dust are created when using a Shot Blaster, or similar products. Because of this, the shot blaster is designed to maximise the separation of dust. It is possible for abrasive material to contain toxic materials (such as lead paint) which are hazardous to workers.  By hiring one of our shot blasters, you are minimising the well known hazards of what comes with these products.

Hazardous vacuums are available to hire alongside the shot blaster to offer additional protection and contain hazardous dust.

Close-faced blast wheel 

Our for-hire Shot Blasters are designed with a closed-faced blast wheel to direct more steel abrasive to the surface, resulting in lower maintenance costs. 

Shot Blaster Hire at Thermac

Our expert team at Thermac are industry-leaders, delivering innovation, skills, and technical capability since 1993. Learn more about our Shot Blaster for hire online today or get in touch with us for a quote.