Respirators and Masks Servicing

With fit2fit accreditations and a wealth of experience and training, Thermac engineers offer the very highest levels of service on all types of respirators.

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The aim of the Service Department is to provide an efficient response to your requirements - we recognise the importance of fast turnaround of all equipment which comes into our workshops for service or repair.

An added benefit of dealing with Thermac is that our computerised recall system will serve as a reminder for our customers that equipment is due to be re-tested in order to remain compliant.

Following every service our records are updated and new certificates are issued.

Thermac can offer a nationwide collection and delivery service to our fully equipped workshops. 

We don’t compromise on our high standards when servicing respirators

Our Full Service includes: 

  • Complete strip down and manual clean prior to testing
  • Perishable parts replaced at each service
  • Inward leakage test on mask
  • Motor and battery electrical tests
  • Estimate for repair or replacement parts
  • Service and test certificate issued 


Respirator mask kit

‘Respirator Inspection and Test’ Option

We also offer a ‘Respirator Inspection and Test’ option.

RPE Manufacturers recommend a 6 monthly Respirator Service.

We can therefore carry out a 6 monthly Inspection and Test of your Respirators, and we can also offer an annual Full Service.

The 6 monthly Inspection and Test picks up any damaged parts, valves and seals, any faults or leaks.

Respirator Inspection and Test includes

  • Inspection of component parts
  • Inward leakage test on Respirator
  • Any damaged parts or leaks would be identified and we can then replace the relevant parts and perform leakage test again.
  • Issue of certification.

Thermac have recently developed the UK’s first truly self-contained mobile face fitting and respirator testing vehicles in the UK and Ireland.

This concept was developed in conjunction with our customer’s feedback that if we could come to them at their premises or sites and complete face fitting and mask testing, this would reduce their downtime on sites with currently having to lose employees for a day to complete this.

The ‘Respirator Inspection and Test’ option can be done on-site using our fully self-contained Mobile Face fitting and Testing Vans.

The HSE require that RPE is regularly inspected and maintained by a competent person. 

Thermac's engineers can pass on their experience and training to anyone required to carry out this inspection and general maintenance. 

The training is in the form of a practical session indicating the main areas to look out for in general wear and tear on respirators to ensure that they keep to the required level of day to day performance.

Thermac will then issue a certificate, valid for two years, which is a record of attendance at the session.

For more details about this service or to enquire about a specific respirator servicing requirement, please contact us directly



Thermac face fitting van